Mary, Help Me: A Mother’s Prayer

A friend gave me this lovely little prayer book called: ” The Original”  Mother’s Manual by A. Francis Coomes, S.J. It has many wonderful prayers, but this one is definitely my favorite. I find myself praying it more often now, since bedtime by myself with a newborn and a 5 year old is really trying my patience. I know we’re just adjusting and things will get better, but more often than not I feel like I need to shout out to mother Mary for some help. Ironically after they finally fall asleep I can’t help but feel that I am so blessed. Look at these little faces..



Mary, Help Me

Holy Queen, mother of mothers, consolation and protectress of all Christian motherhood, Mother Mary help me.

In all the trials and sorrows that come into my day, dear Mary, help me.

When I am tired with my labors and despondency is upon me, dear Mary help me.

When all looks dark and I find none to speak a consoling or cheering word, dear Mary, help me.

When I am wearied by the weight of countless vexing little things and my patience is sorely tried, dear Mary, help me.

In the impatience and rudeness of others, by the example of your mildness, dear Mary, help me.

When others speak sharply to me and I would speak harshly in return, that I may show the gentleness of your own kindly speech, dear Mary help me.

When my efforts seem to bear so little fruit and to be so little appreciated and I am discouraged, dear Mary, help me.

When a thousand worrisome distractions and annoyances come into my day and it seems so hard to keep my peace of heart, dear Mary help, me.

When all others seem to fail, then especially with the sweet support of your gentle aid, dear Mary, help me.

In all things, Mother, assist me! That I may, like you, with patience turn all my trials into spiritual treasures; that I may grow ever more like you, the cherished Queen of the most holy family, dear Mary, help me!



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