The Joy of Being a Mom


I’m several weeks into being a mom to two little babes, and I have to say I’m enjoying it so much more this time around. When we had our first munchkin we were young newlyweds, starting out our professional careers, we had a high needs pre-term baby, and a cancer in our immediate family. To be honest, on top of evrything else, we were also selfish. I wrote about this many times on my other blog, complaining how hard motherhood was and listing everything I had to give up.


I just want to say to all those new mothers out there, knee deep in diapers, laundry, tantrums and tears, that it gets better. The diapers and laundry keep on coming over the years, but you get stronger, wiser, more confident, your heart just gets bigger and bigger, and the love, oh the love, it just keeps on coming. There are still days when I’m reduced to tears or I want to pull my hair out in frustration, but now I can appreciate all the things I was too self involved to notice before. Whatever it was I used to complain about doesn’t matter anymore, now I bask in the smiles, coohs, the hilarious things my 4 yr old says  and imagines, stories before bed, the addictive baby smell, and the connection shared through breast feeding.


Playing with glue

I guess you could say I’ve finally stopped being a twenty-something girl playing house and grown into my true vocation: to be a woman, a mother who loves her own by serving them. I used to think that I had given up everything to be a mom, my career, my hopes, and dreams, all of that now came in 3rd or 4th place in matter of importance. I was wrong, boy was I wrong! All those things still matter, in fact they are very important, an unhappy and unfulfilled woman is an unhappy mother as well.  All those things are just not going to happen on the time line I had planned or the way that I envisioned them. They are now in God’s hands, like they should’ve been in the first place.


Motherhood has also changed some of those hopes and dreams and has helped me discover who I truly am and given me an amazing purpose. We get to mold these little bundles into people! Can there be a job more important than that? Sometimes this can be daunting, to think that we can teach them so many good things but that we can also make mistakes, but don’t worry, that’s why we have mother Mary to help us along this adventure full of love, laughter, tears, and unexpected surprises.


Maybe it’s just the new mom hormones, but I love being a mom right now! I hope you do too. If for some reason you don’t, remember God entrusted those little ones in your care for a reason. YOU are their mommy, enjoy their unconditional love. Not everyone knows what true love is.



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