Something Other Than God

something other than god fulwiler What Im trying to say is: MY BOOK COMES OUT ON TUESDAY!!!!

What does it take to write a book? I’m sure Jen Fulwiler would agree you need scorpion killing powers, a subscription to Netflix, massive multi-tasking skills, and a sense of humor.

Jen’s long awaited memoir, Something Other a Than God, is finally out in the world!! I bought it on Amazon the day it came out and couldn’t put it down. It is the story of an atheist woman in search of the truth, which leads her (to her surprise) to find God, and finally to realize that the Catholic Church is where she needed to be all along.

I have been following Jen’s blog, Conversion Diary, for some time now, in fact she was one of the bloggers that inspired Fran and I to start this blog. It is that same inspiration and candid honesty that she brings to this book, where she shares the details of her spiritual journey.

I guess I could tell you some of the details of the book, but really, you should go out and buy it!  However, I will tell you that Jen’s story really led me to reflect on whether I’m happy where I am in my life right now, and whether I am doing God’s will, or at least trying to do God’s will.   Sometimes it’s so easy to get carried away in our own needs and wants, that it takes somebody like Jen to remind us that we should always be asking ourselves, “Is this what God wants?”

When I finished the book all I could think of was how fortunate those of us who were raised Catholic  and are raising our own children Catholic are, because we do not have to fear death. As a child I too came to that realization that we would all die, and even though this made me sad I was never afraid. I couldn’t have told you then why, but now I know that it was because I believed in heaven. Not everyone has that reassurance.

We all have a different spiritual journey and God calls us all in different ways, but we are all searching for Him whether we know it or not. Which leads me to ask you: are YOU happy or are you still searching for something other than God?


You can find Jen’s book, Something Other than God here,


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