Stations of the Cross Craft

I really wanted to focus on praying the stations of the cross this year with my family. At our parish there is a soup kitchen and stations of the cross every Friday night. I love going, but it gets kind of late to stay and pray the Stations of the Cross with our church. Instead of chasing my kids around the church trying to quiet them, I decided to make some for our own house.

I included EVERYONE in creating them in hopes that there will be less complaining when we pray them. Its the 2nd Sunday of Lent and they have been hung since Ash Wednesday, but our family has yet to pray them!!! I am reminding myself that lent is 40 days! It is a marathon not a sprint.

Here are our finished stations:


Aren’t they cute? I love them. Here are the easy steps:
1. Hot glue the large popsicle sticks together.
2. Paint and Decorate frames (we used our dot paints, some puff balls, foams shapes, and foam stickers crosses).
3. My husband searched the internet and found the stations of the cross and printed on our color printer (we need new color toner).
4. We cut them and taped them to the frames.
5. Hung them around the house



My husband complained a bit, but he really liked how they turned out. He had me make frames for our daughters 1st grade faith formation class. Each kid decorated a station of the cross and then they went over each station with each kid bringing up the one they made. The kids loved it and he plans to pass them out each class during lent and teach the stations!!

I saw a version or the an exact copy of these (I honestly can’t remember and I can’t find the post) on Kendra’s website

Now hopefully we can start praying these Stations of the Cross before lent ends.


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