Is it really January?

Ok, I just blinked and it is already January. Really where has the time gone? This poor neglected blog has taken the back burner to life. I am not going to apologize because my focus has been right where it needed to be, my family and homeschooling. I am in awe of bloggers who have large families, homeschool and blog regularly!! How do you do it? It doesn’t really matter because I am me and they are who they are.

So homeschooling is going well and I am really enjoying it. I don’t intend to sugar coat it it. We have amazing days and days where there might be a few tears (mostly me). We originally started homeschooling because my son could not figure out where he wanted to go for middle school. He wanted to do everything and so homeschooling became the only option for him. Now that he is home, I homeschool for different reasons. My son is finally without his anxiety and stress that he had from going to traditional school. He is happier in general and plays with and enjoys his siblings soooooo much more. I think he finally feels like he is getting enough attention and does not feel like he has to compete with his siblings. I love watching my children interact positively.

I am satisfied with our curriculum choices so far and it all seems to be working out as I imagined it to work. I am struggling to teach him earth science and I would like to tweak that a bit (any suggestions?). When we started the year, I felt he was behind in his grammar and writing. He has worked really hard and I am proud of how much he has improved. I love the light bulb moments. I love the smile on his face when he gets it. So rewarding.

My son does miss his friends. He misses the everyday interactions. When he does catch up with them he is always shaking his head about the drama that is going on. He misses his friends, but not the drama! He has kept in touch with all of his previous friends and even made new friends in our homeschool group and Troops of St. George. As much as he has missed those friends he isn’t picking up the phone calling them everyday and crying about it. I just have to make it a priority to set things up or our paths don’t cross.

Everyone asks me how it is to homeschool with the little boys (1 and 3). They can be a distraction at times. There are days that they watch a few more shows (yes we have TV) than I would like, but over all it is no big deal. How many moms take 20 min to clean the kitchen? fold laundry? We do lessons in small chunks and then my son works independently (he is in 6h grade). So just like anything it really isn’t a big deal. The Month of December was saved by Lisa Schmidt of the Practicing Catholic blog and BUSY BAGS!!! I spent a little bit of money for supplies and have some entertaining and educational things for the little ones. It has been a life saver and my 3 year old looks forward to what is in the bad.

I have to admit that me time is almost non-existent since I started homeschooling. It is hard to have a lunch date with friends or just catch up on the phone. I have felt a little bit lonely and isolated at times. It is reminiscent of how I felt when I had my first born baby. I know I need to make more of an effort to get to know the moms in the homeschool group and even plan nights out with the hubby and friends more. I was so consumed with making sure homeschooling was a success I kind of forgot about that, or just didn’t give it a priority. My goal for the next few months is to work on that balance. Any suggestions here would be helpful too!!

I hope to be more in touch now that we have a few things figured out. Writing on here is release for me. I am thankful for all the great blogs out there that I read each week that keep me going. I don’t comment much, but am so fullfilled by them.

Kelly Mantoan at
Jennifer Fulwiler at
Lisa Schmidt at
Hallie Lord at
Bonnie at
Jennie at
Grace Patton at

Thank you ladies for being amazing writers, mentors, and sharing your vulnerability with the world. Until next time (hopefully soon)!! Fran

Here are a few new family photos that we took in November courtesy of a family friend and my sister in law wanting photos taken.











2 thoughts on “Is it really January?

  1. Look at you! You are glowing and beautiful, Fran! It’s good to catch up, and it’s great to read your kids are transitioning better now. Slow and steady, huh?

    I think your hunkering down was a wise choice, actually. I went the other direction and found ourselves going here, there, and everywhere in between. What we gained socially we lost in order/balance in the home.

    Can you gift yourself with a “mother’s sabbath” one day/month? A Saturday perhaps where you take the time for spiritual and physical renewal for just yourself – confession, spiritual direction, time for journaling/reading, treat yourself to a nice lunch, etc?

    But you all really do look like you’re thriving. You’ve got this, girl!

    • Lisa, You are too kind with your words! Thank you for your words of support. I am challenged by your pray, work, rest, play blogs. It has given something to strive for to get that balance. I am good at praying and working. Rest? Play? what is that? I am a work in progress and I love the challenge of fitting it in. I am working on the sabbath day! I have a great husband who will give me plenty of time. I don’t ask for it because I cherish the time we are together as a family. I need to invest in more babysitting, but hate paying for it. It will work out. This is just one season of my life. Thanks again.

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