The Seasons of Life

I remember becoming a Mommy for the first time.  The glorious high you feel after birth slowly melting away to the flood of exhaustion.  It is overwhelming and you look at your baby and you can’t imagine that they will grow and not need you to feed and diaper them every 2 hours.  During this time I remember looking out the window, watching as neighbors and friends went on with their lives and mine was on hold.  It was frustrating because I was so exhausted and wanted to return to a state of “normal”.  I wanted them to be all grown up so I could get some sleep.  Wonderful ladies from church would look at me and smile and say, “It is just a season of life, Fran.  This stage will not last forever.”  I thought they were lying to me.  I thought they didn’t know what I was feeling.

Now, four kids later, I understand the “seasons of life comments”.  Just like the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall, our lives have their own “climate”.  I can finally sit back and appreciate each one now more than I could before.  I am learning to enjoy the season I am in right now and not just looking forward  to the next season.  It is hard because the excitement of the first snowfall eventually fades away and we can’t wait for the snow to melt so we can enjoy the spring.  Then as spring lingers on, we can’t wait for summer.  Yet as summer comes to an end, we are done with the heat and we can’t wait for it to cool down and even get back to school.  Then the anticipation of winter begins.

I share this because for many years I fought the changing seasons of life and was never satisfied with the season I was in.  After having my last baby, I finally submitted to enjoying the season of life that I was presently experiencing.  It was a shift in my attitude that has made all the difference.  It is not easy to do when I am looking out the window and watching the world go on.  As I stopped and accepted where my life is right now, I have come to enjoy and appreciate where I am right now.  I love being a Mommy to my children.  They will only be living with me for a short time.  Really I only have a few years with them to get it right.  Instead of feeling stuck in the the land of the Wiggles, Doc McStuffins, Pokemon, or a messy house, I am enjoying these days (my season of life).  I still look for ward to the next session where I can sit down during the day and catch my breathe, but it will come soon enough.  My job is to be right where I am now.


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