Prayer Box

When I picked up my little one from school  he was very excited! With a huge smile on his face that conveyed both pride and true happiness, he showed me what he had made.  It was a green box labeled  “(his name)’s Prayer Box”, inside was a pink rosary, a prayer card, and a note that said:


When we got home we added another rosary and a prayer card of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and we prayed for peace just like the note suggested. We chose a special place for his box and continued with our day.


I’d like to commend his teachers and his school for this great idea. What a wonderful way to get children excited about prayer! This is going to be a really fun way to continue to incorporate prayer in our lives, but most of all it is going to be the perfect way to help him realize that prayer is personal. This will be his prayer box, not mommy’s or daddy’s, and he will choose how and when he wants to pray. My son is  in pre-k, and just the fact that he asked if we could pray together is amazing to me. God truly has no boundaries, and that desire for Him exists in all of our hearts, even in the little heart of a 4 year old!



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