Homeschool Starts September 9!!

So the school year is fast approaching and I finally have things almost all together.  I know my lesson plans may get thrown out after the first few days like they always do, but I have to plan and organize.  Actually, planning for my son’s school has awakened a sleeping part of me.  I used to teach 7th grade life science and loved it.  I haven’t taught since I had the child that I will be currently homeschooling.  It has been 12 years.  Sigh…It is like riding a bike, and I forgot how much I love teaching.  Although the last time I formally taught, I only had to lesson plan 1 subject, now I am doing every subject like elementary teachers.  My hats off to all of you!!

So the task of planning became overwhelming to me.  I didn’t know where to start and how to go about it.  So I did what every good planner does.  I wrote a mission statement for my school and then made goals that I wanted my son to achieve during the school year.  At the time I didn’t know just how valuable it would be.  You can read my  Mission Statement and goals.  I’m kind of nervous to share because now it is out there!!  I would love valuable input if you have any.  Anyhow, I am proud of my mission statement and goals for him.

Once I had the goals written and I received some feedback from friends and teachers, I started to plan how we were going to achieve each goal (daily lesson planning).  Everything I choose to do in a day must be directed toward our goals or the activity does not serve a purpose.  It made it remarkably easy to lesson plan.  Last Saturday, I wrote out and planned the first month of school.  I carefully selected assignments that I think would be best for him.

Here are the textbooks I have selected for our 6th grade year:  Saxon Math 7/6, Easy Grammar 6, All Ye Lands, The Classical Historian The Socratic Discussion in History, Take A Stand! Ancient Civilizations, Spectrum Vocabulary Grade 6, Spectrum Spelling Grade 6, Spectrum Science Grade 6, Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe,  YouCAT, and novels (starting with A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck. Do you have a suggestion? Let me know).

We hired a Spanish Tutor/Teacher (since my husband and I don’t speak) who will meet with him once a week to speak Spanish, pray the rosary , go over his Journal writing , and over see his research of Art History all in Spanish.  (Side note, my son has been in a special school where he was taught Spanish and English since kindergarten.  He is technically bilingual and biliterate)

I plan on using typing to teach him to type.

We are using a music program that is geared toward homeschool students to teach him keyboarding and continue his violin skills ( For $300 he can take both for the ENTIRE school year.

I signed him up through our city for an acrylic art class for $25.  It’s only 6 weeks so we will have to find another class for him later on.

Like I said I have been very busy!!  I can’t wait for Sept. 9th!!  My first day back to teaching!! Pray for me to have an equally enthusiastic pupil!!  I will be praying for your homeschool’s too!


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