Our New Home


We have arrived in Bluffton, SC (also known as the Lowcountry). It is beautiful here, in a swampy-I’m getting eaten alive by mosquitoes- kind of way. No really, it is beautiful, yet so different from Cali. I have to say It’s kind of strange to live in a small town again. Everybody knows each other and actually talks to each other in public places. I like that most of the businesses are mom-and-pop shops. Also, it is so quiet around here, and nobody seems to be rushing around trying to get somewhere else.


There have been some adjustments like remembering to spray yourself with repellent, the clawing humidity, the bursts of rain that last 10 min and go away just as quickly as they came, and the lack of my favorite stores like Trader Joes and Sprouts.
On the other hand there is so much to do like fishing, canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, going to the beach, crabbing, and shrimping.


Of course there’s also the alligators. I was trying to be cool about it when my hubby said there were alligators in the lake on property at the resort. I even suggested we should take our little one for a ride in a canoe. Yeah, that did not work out so great. We got into the canoe, but only he could row cause I was holding the munchkin, so it was a little slow and wobbly. When suddenly he calmly says,” Look, I think that’s an alligator. Can you see it?” I did see it, and I freaked out! I could not control myself. ” Turn around, turn around!! “, I screamed. He thought it was hilarious and proceeded to get closer! I thought my heart was going to burst. I don’t know why I got so scared. We eventually made it out of the lake without being eaten by alligators. Mmm…It might be a while before I’m comfortable with that.



I don’t know why, but this time this move really feels like an adventure. Maybe because neither of us had lived in the South before and everything seems new and different. It seems like there’s a lot to learn, eat, an explore. Now, if only I could figure out what to do with my hair!



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