Our Prayer Matters

Photo by Alex Proimos

Photo by Alex Proimos

Before reaching our final destination( South Carolina) we are spending a couple of days at my parents´ house in Mexico. The munchkin and I are having a blast. Being here is being home, I feel completely safe, comfortable, and happy.

Today, I had to take my sister to the hospital for an x-ray. She sprained her ankle pretty badly and  I had to sit in the waiting room while she saw the doctor. I hid my face behind my iPhone, as if no one else could see me, and while I pretended to look at my screen, I began to see the people around me. There was some kind of celebration going on with the nurses in one of the halls. There was a table set up with food, a big sign, and many smiling faces. In another room an older woman was being examined by a young and aggressive nurse. She asked her question after question in English, and the older woman hardly responded, her face motionless, her eyes wandering, exhausted. Down the hall from there, a young woman talked on the phone with desperation in her voice and tears in her eyes. I overheard her say that the situation was horrible, and that the police were going to stop by to talk to her 9 yr. old little girl. Upon listening to other conversations I found out that the little girl had been raped.

This is the world we live in, full of suffering and pain, yet bursting with joy and gladness. It can make  you feel so powerless, but what can one person do to alleviate another´s suffering? We can pray, and pray, over and over again. We can pray for the unborn babies being killed everyday, we can pray for those with chronic and terminal illnesses, we can pray for the hungry and the poor, we can pray for the souls in purgatory, we can pray in thanksgiving and joy for newborn babies, new jobs, and loves lost and found. Our prayer matters.

” …. every pious and holy action done by one belongs to and becomes profitable to all, through charity which ‘seeks not her own.” (“Roman Catechism,” “loc. cit.,” 25). This is called the Communion of Saints. It is through all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ that we can intercede on behalf of each other and trust that God will bestow his graces upon those we are praying for. So we must pray.

Believe me, I know praying is hard work. I keep grasping for time to do it, and then keep making excuses on why I wasn´t a great prayer warrior that day. I keep hoping I might have a quiet moment to myself to pray, but with children that is a  small miracle in itself.  So instead I strive to make my life a prayer. I offer up washing the dishes at the end of the day, because it´s just one of those chores that no one wants to do. I offer up my physical pain for those whose pain is not just a temporary discomfort, but a cross to bear. I offer up the little things and the big things, in the hope that my suffering and sacrifice can bring relief to at least one person or many. Imagine how many people we can help if we all pray, even if it is just a little bit everyday.



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