Open Letter to St. Timothy Parish

st tim
Dear Parish Family,
                This is the first time in a long time that I have felt so welcome in a Parish. I moved here two years ago and wanted to be involved in a local Catholic Church and St. Tim’s was the closest to where we were living at the time. I contacted Sherri O. to inquire about a mom’s group in the Church and it all took off from there.  Sherri kind of took me under her wing and introduced me to the right people, we started Mom’s of St. Timothy (MOST), I became involved in the Women’s Bible Study, was part of the childcare team for a while, until finally becoming the Tiny Tim’s coordinator. 
Before coming here I was at a stagnant point in my spiritual growth. I was too busy working and then being a new mom. I had placed God on my to-do list and never quite got to praying and learning. I continued to go to Sunday Mass, but it was  like I was just following the motions.  It was through MOST that I first came in contact with an inspiring group of women. Women who were striving for holiness, but that had real struggles and doubts, just like everybody else. These women were part of amazing Catholic families, whose testimony continues to astound me to this day. Their passion for Christ and his Church awakened in me a fervor I had forgotten I once had.
Becoming part of the Church staff and taking over the Tiny Tim’s program, came with a revelation and understanding that this is where God was calling me to all along, working in His Church. Two weeks ago we found out we will be moving to SC, so unfortunately I will not be able to continue being part of this Parish. I leave with a heavy heart, but I leave here fortified, strengthened, confident, and full of hope, all because of you. Thank you. 

One thought on “Open Letter to St. Timothy Parish

  1. My life will never be the same!! God sent you here at just the right time. Thank you for helping me on this journey of faith. I know it’s not good bye because you are my sister, but I also know it will never quite be the same! We are linked by this blog! Thank you God for the technology to stay in touch, but most of all Gid Bless you Dora!!!

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