7 Quick Takes (vol. 2)

7_quick_takes_sm1Welcome back for my second edition of 7 quick takes.
IMG_35611.  It was this guys  3rd birthday on Sunday.  His only requests were chocolate cupcakes and a trip to Disneyland.  We found babysitters for the other 3 kids and spent the entire day with just him!  It was so much fun to see his personality shine without the influence of his older siblings.  After each ride he requested to go again!  His favorite part was meeting Mickey Mouse. There were lots of  kisses for his favorite character.  He even took a nap in the middle of the day and Mom and Dad had a mini date.  It was a win-win day!!

IMG_3565 IMG_3008

2.  So many people asked what how did you leave your other kids when you went to Disneyland!!??  My oldest went to a baseball game with friends.  My daughter had a much needed playdate with a friend she doesn’t see very often and the baby played with my dear friend who watched him (Thank you for taking care of my other kids!).  There was no jealousy because each child knows that they will get their special day with Mom and Dad on their birthdays.

3. So I feel like I am losing my mind lately.  I packed up all my kids and convinced a friend (on her birthday)  to drive 30 minutes to a church who was having Eucharistic Adoration for kids.  Sounds great right?  Well it would have been if we were there last week!  I felt so stupid and bad for my friend! We took turns going in to adoration and then went to get some ice cream.  I know I have 4 kids and am busy, but I used to be so much smarter than this!! At least we got ice cream, right?

4.  My son’s school had a task force talk about internet safety for our children.  There was a presentation for children and adults.   I didn’t want to go because I felt pretty confident in how we monitor our child’s activity on the internet, but my son insisted.  It was one of those meetings that scares you to death and makes you feel like evil is lurking around every corner.  You don’t even feel safe sitting there in the meeting.  I came home all tense and feeling disgusted about the world we live in.  I can’t even keep my child safe from pedofiles in my own home.  As I talked with my husband, I calmed down realizing my son isn’t into chat rooms (yet) and we are pretty in tune parents.  I am thankful that my son talks to me and that I can tell when something is upsetting him.  I realize that may change, but I do trust our Lord to guide me as a parent and I trust Him to guide my son.  I will do my part to keep my children safe and trust God to do the rest.

5. Last night we attended our son’s violin concert.  I love that smile and thumbs up. He only has a few more weeks of school and he will be say good-bye to elementary school forever.  I know this is one of many milestones in his life.  I am excited to start homeschooling him next year, but I am getting sad about saying good-bye to such good friends.  I think I am more emotional about it than him.IMG_3014

6.  So we bought new furniture for our living room.  I hate buying furniture because it always looks different in my house than it does in the show room.  Our living room is deceptively small and awkward.  We have lived in this house for 13 years and you would think we know this by now.  We fell in love with this sofa set and didn’t measure or map it out like we should have.  I have taken several pictures of arranging the furniture in the room.  We are planning on getting the matching rug, but don’t have it yet.  I know the curtains need to be changed.  Any suggestions?  Which one do you like better? Please help!!IMG_3598 IMG_3596 IMG_3595 IMG_3594

7.  At last it is Friday and I am going on a date with my husband!!  The kids don’t know it yet because they always complain when we go out.  So excited to have a meal with my husband with no kids to feed!!  I am also thankful for groupon for making it affordable to go out!!

Thanks for reading.  Go check out Jen and all of the other 7 quick takes this Friday!.


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