7 Things that Kept Me Going This Week


My 3rd child, who turns 3 this Sunday, has been sick since Tuesday night and it is never easy when someone in the house is sick.  Normally, I become a grouch because of lack of sleep and mental fatigue from caring for the sick one.  This week has been trying, but there has been a difference in how the house has flowed.  Here are a few things that have kept me sane.

1. When I am doing my dishes and looking out the window this is my view:

IMG_3542 It is my Mother’s Day gift for my back yard.  I love it!! Such a nice reminder of the Holy Family.

2. May is the month of Mary and Lisa Schmidt posted a picture of her alter to Mary.  So I gave my kids instruction for scour the house for things of Mary.  In about 45 minutes time this is what we had:

IMG_3529It is in our family room to see everyday.

3. Before my son got sick, it was hot here.  My sister gave us this great sprinkler for the 3 year old.  Looks like it will get a work out this this summer.  I love watching all my kids play together.


4.  Sunday is Pentecost and last Friday I joined in saying the oldest novena known, The Novena To the Holy Spirit.  I usually don’t do novenas, but I have only 2 days to go and I am looking forward to celebrating Pentecost.

5.  Also, I have the greatest Husband around!  He used his lunch break to go and pick up medicine so I didn’t have to drag the sick one out!

6.  When my son was really sick, he thanked me every time I gave him medicine to feel better.  His, “you are a nice mommy” kept me going when I wanted to lose it.

7.  My one year old is starting to get praying with us before meals.  As we start saying, “In the Name of the Father…”, he gets a huge smile on his face and claps through the rest of the prayer.  I love it!!! I love the excitement on his face especially when the older ones are mumbling through so they can get to eating!

Well that is how I have kept sane this week.  I love my family.  It is never easy, but so thankful that God has given me graces when the work seems endless. Now go see what Jen Fulwiler and all the others have to say for this Friday in 7 Quick Takes.


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