Where did you sleep last night?

I was thinking last night as I climbed into the 3rd bed of the evening, wondering if other parents play musical beds every night like me? Inevitably at least 1 or more of my children wakes me up. First up last night was my almost 3 year old. As I opened the door to his room he shares with his sister he said, “Mama will you sweep wif me?” Nothing wrong with him, just wanted me close. So I crawled inside and we drifted off to sleep.

Only a couple hours later my teething 1 year old woke me. He wanted a bottle and snuggled me close and I drifted off to sleep with him. Each kid slept so much more soundly the closer I was to them. Just to have me near made it all better.

I thought about Jesus and how much better I feel when I draw Him close to me each day and night. A peace washes over me when I live my life close to His. It doesn’t change the circumstances of my life (still poopy diapers to change, laundry to do and meals to prepare), but I do my job with a different attitude. I struggle with balancing my prayer life and doing my everyday Mommy/Wife Job.

Before I went to sleep last night I read Lisa Schmidt’s post at thepracticingcatholic.com on Domestic Monastery. She shared how she has been learning from some Benedictine Monks about monastic life.
One of the monks even drew parallels how stay at home moms might be better at monastic life:

“During one of my ear-bending inquisitions of one of the monks, he actually suggested I, like many at-home moms, may have this whole monastic thing down better than most monks. Say what? His point was that the domestic bell doesn’t ring at regular intervals by which you could set a watch. It comes in many forms at different times, often unexpected. The domestic “monk” must be ever-vigilant, ready to be summoned to attend to the needs of another at a moment’s notice.
The domestic can be monastic.”

My life may not be full of quiet prayer in a monastery, like monks, but it is just as full of holiness formation. So as I play musical beds tonight, I will try and offer it up as a prayer. Hopefully I will be able to reach for my morning cup of coffee with peace in my heart instead of the hopelessness that sleepless nights bring!


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