Lesson Plan: Adulterous Woman (3 to 5 year olds)

This was a hard lesson plan to come up with. I don’t really think preschoolers need to know about stoning. Well, at least not yet. The adulterous woman was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees. They requested for her to be stoned, and they wanted to see what Jesus would say… …. and you probably know how the rest of the story goes. For this lesson we will focus on forgiveness and Saint Patrick.

Gospel for Year C (March 17, 2013):

John 8: 1- 11

I modified the Gospel so it would be age appropriate and here it is:

” Jesus arrived at the Temple and the people crowded around him. So he sat down and began to teach them. Suddenly, the religious leaders brought a woman who had done bad things. They stood her before everyone. Then they said to Jesus, “Teacher, we caught this woman doing something wrong and we think she deserves to be punished. Jesus would not answer, instead he bent over and wrote in the sand with his finger. They kept asking him over and over.

So, Jesus straightened up and said, “Let the person who has never done anything wrong punish her.” Again, Jesus bent over and wrote in the sand. One by one, starting with the leaders, everyone who heard Jesus answer walked away. Soon, only Jesus and the woman were left. So Jesus said, “Woman isn’t there anyone here who wants to punish you?” “No one,” the woman responded. “Well, I will not punish you either,” Jesus told her. “Go your way. But don’t do bad things anymore.”

Coloring Page:

Taken from http://www.sermons4kids.com/forgiving_others_colorpg.htm

From Sermons4kids.com

I will be kind to others, even when they hurt me.


Do you know the prayer called St. Patrick’s Breasplate? The craft for this week is going to be a breastplate made out of construction paper with the prayer in the front.





This is what you need:

2 sheets of green construction paper, 1 sheet of black construction paper, prayer, stickers crayons, and the drawing of clover and heart. (Prayer and drawing found in link below.)


St Patrick’s Breastplate




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