5 Favorites

I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks and I am going to try a link up.  Going to do 5 favorites with Hallie Lord.


1.  I couldn’t be happier with Pope Francis!!  Every time I learn something new I smile bigger and bigger.  Our God is amazing and in control of the church He established 2000 years ago.


2. My youngest will turn 1 on March 30 and I still have all my baby weight. I have 4 kids and can’t dedicate hours in the gym to lose the weight.  However, I can do 10 minutes!!  I love the workouts and it fits this busy mom’s schedule. Currently I am down 22 lbs changing my diet and exercising.  Only 50 lbs. more to go (sigh) :(.


3.  Three years ago I stopped using “regular” deodorant and opted for natural choices.  However, nothing worked as well as the regular deodorant and I smelled all the time.  Then I found Zir Yab’s Body Brew Deodorant Lotion.  It smells great!!  It lasts ALL day!!  I stay dry!!  Amen!!  It is only $14 online! I think it is going to last me like 4-6 months.


4.  I do like natural products and I love Dr. Hauschka’s Moisturizing Day Cream.  It isn’t too heavy or light.  My face is nice and soft!! It’s expensive but it lasts me at least 6 months.

5.  I am thankful for the television and social media that helped me feel like I was in St. Peter’s Square as Pope Francis came out on the balcony.  I am still super excited and want to jump up and down screaming, “Habemus Papam!”

Thanks for stopping by to check of my 5 favorites.  Now head on over to Hallie Lord and check out all of the 5 favorites.


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