Why I Write

It was almost a year ago that I gave birth to my 4th child. Every pregnancy is a journey, but this pregnancy was not the desert experience my past pregnancies had been. This one was fruitful and the love God poured out was overwhelming.

I was approached by the director of Faith Ministries at our church to help start a Mom’s group. I wanted to run and hide and tell her no thanks I’m too busy (which I was), but I knew I needed this group to survive. So our group was born and I met Dora.

God knew what I needed and he brought woman that I prayed with, cried with, shared my life with and we read the most amazing book together. The book is Sex, Style, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider The Things That Really Matter by Hallie Lord . Reading this book I met 10 amazing Catholic Women who were struggling and succeeding at following the teachings of the Catholic Church. I wasn’t alone in my journey and I felt supported. The best part was each women had a blog and I could keep up with each one to get advice, laugh, and know I wasn’t alone.

I was happy right where I was, trolling the blogs of these ladies. I was being filled and challenged, but I knew I had stories of my own to share. I have been afraid of what others might think if I share my beliefs. God has been calling and I’ve been making excuses. Then Dora came to my house the other day and said she wants to write a blog with me! Ok Lord. I hear you loud and clear Lord! So, just as I could not imagine having a 4th child and how I would do it, I surrender this blog project to God because that is Where Grace Flows.


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