I can no longer be silent

It all started at weekly bible study. We were reflecting on this verse, “…for if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Rom 10:9) This is when I knew Fran and I were going to start a blog.

You see, I’ve been hiding my faith for years. Well, not really hiding it, more like avoiding talking about it. You know, to be polite, not offend anybody, or simply to avoid conflict. Growing up I was very passionate about my faith and did not hesitate to try to convert other people. I guess I was one of those annoying teenagers who thinks it’s her job to save the world one person at a time. My enthusiasm, as you can imagine, was not well received by all. I was mocked often, and there were even some who made it their mission to see me fall. So little by little I began to quiet my voice, and keep my love for Jesus private. I figured as long as  I believed in him with all my heart that would be enough. It’s not.

Just a beautiful picture

I hope  this blog, if anything, can be a testimony. My life is not perfect by any means, and I am most certainly not the best Catholic out there. However, I do believe God gives his grace freely to those willing to receive it, and I hope that I can share some of the graces that have been bestowed upon me and those I love. Also, it’s kind of nice to be able to be as Catholic as I want to be, without hesitation. Will I be ridiculed or attacked? Probably. But you know what? If you don’t agree with my writing, but you want to have a civil conversation, I am more than happy to oblige. However, if you don’t like what I’m writing and you have already starting plotting your hate mail, please stop reading. Oh, but leave me your name so I can add you to my prayer list 🙂



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